Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Supernatural Childbirth

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing God has blessed women with, the feeling of growing a seed into a baby, an actual human being is so incredible! But when it comes to the birthing process most women have the same reactions to the idea, they think of words like "scared", "lots and lots of pain", and because of pain - "lots of pain medication". With this second baby my husband and I (ultimately me) made the decision to go all natural, medicine free and a birth at home experience having faith that God will be with us all the way.

I started looking into Christian births and to my surprise there aren't many resources out there educating or talking about a Christian birth. During my venture I was watching many videos on Youtube on natural births and home births and I found a video of a Christian woman who had her baby naturally at home. She recommended a book called Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize and without delay I ordered the book.

In the book Jackie talks about her birth experiences, having faith in Christ and believing God will bless her with a pain-free supernatual birth with all her children. Her testimony stated she did have pain-free and fast births with her children and I thought to myself I too wanted a pain-free supernatural birth!

Almost all my colleagues were shocked when I told them from the beginning that I was going to do a home birth. Their reactions included them telling me I should take the epidural, why have a natural birth? Why be in pain when you can have a pain-free birth with meds? What if something goes wrong, there won't be a doctor there... and the list goes on. But I had this calmness in me every moment like God was telling me not to even consider what they were telling me, that He will be there and He will make everything ok.

It's truly amazing that so many people think having home birth is dangerous, it's not the normal thing to do but it SO is! God has handcrafted women bodies to go through what it needs to to give birth to a human being, people need to start realizing that and trust Him, our creator.

What do you think about home births or natural births (medicine free)? How did you have your children or how do you want to have your children? Let me know!  


  1. I don´t know if you are yet going to have your baby... doesnt seem like it from your big belly :). But maybe another one? I DO believe in the supernatural childbirth, heard and read so much of it. Am going to have one on 18 july 2013!! :) Looking forward.

    1. Hi! Congratulations!! So excited for you I think it's a great blessing to be pregnant and have a baby I actually had the baby in September 2012! Please do visit this post - http://wifelifeasachristian.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-birth-gods-way.html to learn all about it! Thank you for stopping by!

    2. Hello, I just stumbled upon this post and read your comment again. It's 7/11 have you had your baby yet? I hope you have a supernatural one just like I did and will pray you will. I hope you had a wonderful pregnancy and always call upon the Father who is always by your side when you need anything. You can do it! :) Best regards.


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