Guest Post on 5 Minutes for Mom!

5 Minutes for Faith

Recently I was contacted by Barbie Swihart the Managing Editor of the Faith Lifts site on 5 minutes for mom and wanted to feature my "Are You A Godly Friend?" post as a guest post on Thursday, November 9th!

When I got this news I was so happy I was in shock! I could not believe such a blessing was happening to me!

I realized God had a plan for me all along and He is using me to exalt His name. We are made to praise Him, to worship Him and to love Him with all our heart, our soul and our strength.

I want to thank Barbie for allowing me to post on 5 minutes for faith, and to Lolli Franklin the Managing Editor over at 5 minutes for mom for acknowledging my effort to write a guest post on their site. I am so honored and words cannot describe how thrilled I am. I am overwhelmed by the excitement and joy and can't wait to write more.

Please go visit 5 minutes for mom and continue to support them through out their ministries especially their Faith Lifts site 5 minutes for faith.

Thank you so much!



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