Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Halloween?

 Does anyone know how Trick or Treating began? Some of you might know and some won't but here is a little bit of history for those who are interested.

Many present-day Halloween customs are directly descended from the Celtic peoples of the British Isles and France from 200 B.C. to 200 A.D.

October 31st, a joint feast honoring Sanheim and the Sun God, was the most important religious event of the Celtic year.

The Druid priests believed that sins of the evildead could be expiated through gifts and sacrifices to Sanheim and would continue as animals or humans and so many sacrifices of animals and humans took place.

Tables of food were prepared for the spirits, in hopes that they would be pleased and help with the magical spells and curses invoked during the feast.
Afterwards, villagers wearing masks and costumes led the ghosts away from town.

Researcher Richard Cavendish writes, "The singers and dancers went from house to house in blood-curdling masks and costumes which
may have been meant to protect them against evil and which were probably also tangible representations of what lurked unseen in the night.
"It is these masks and disguises which have descended to children, who visit the neighbors for
the offerings which once belonged to the dead and play small malicious tricks on those who
refuse them".

We as christian families should rethink and be careful of what we bring into our children's lives, whether it be celebrating halloween going trick or treating as it still counts as participating in a Celtic ritual in my opinion. We don't have to do what everyone else does just to fit in, there are plenty of different ideas we can have fun with!

This halloween, our kids aren't going trick or treating however our church is hosting a Harvest Festival where we have jump houses, candy, rides and lots more and the kids will still be able to dress up. Instead of dressing up as skeletons, dead zombies or anything worshiping the dead, another idea which I got from listening to a sermon on the radio the other day would be to have them dress up as a biblical character! I had the idea of dressing up as Mary and my 10 month old baby as baby Jesus :)

What will you be doing on your halloween? What do you think should be done on Halloween?

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