Thursday, November 24, 2011

Last days

We covered The Book of Revelations Chapter 8 and 9 in our Saturday evening service with Senior Pastor John Knapp and the subject was on the judgement that will pass on those unsaved. It was very graphic and quite frankly it was crazy, hearing about some of the things that will happen on this earth after the rapture has taken the church.

Pastor John closed the sermon mentioning we are all living in the end times witnessing Israel as our prophetic timeline. He ended with an interesting comment, he said, "How will YOU spend the rest of your time here on earth? Will you live it idolizing celebrities you see on television? Will you be trying to enjoy as much worldy things as you can, such as going to the club, drinking and gambling? Or will you spend it loving one and another as much as you can, spreading the word and trying to save souls?

Ask yourself that question. Maybe this will wake you up and help you see the truth. 

Stick together as a family and put God in the middle. He should be the center of our lives and we need to focus on getting right with Him and spread His love.  Be about our Father's business.

How will you spend the rest of your time here on earth? 

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