Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas time!

Do you know exactly what you are celebrating? Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of Christ’s birth however many Christian articles I have read goes against the idea of celebrating Christmas. You can find a complete article here at

Here is a little bit of a knowledge base which I found on Christmas  I wanted to share with you:

Christmas means “Christ’s Mass” which refers to a Roman Catholic’s Lord’s Supper or a festival involving religious activities.

No one knows exactly when the date of Jesus’ birth really is so who was given authority to decide Christ’s birth date was on December 25th and that the whole world should celebrate it on that day?

Santa Claus is fictional, this idea distracts us from focusing on believing we are receiving God’s blessings all the time to receiving gifts because you have been good and receiving a tonne of gifts on Christmas.


We are told to remember Jesus’ death when taking bread and drinking the cup however it does not state for us to remember His birth.

Christmas traditions such as the Yule log and the mistletoe actually came from pagan practices.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Christmas and love to exchange gifts, have family around a big table of food and doing special events together with your loved ones.
I do agree that it can be materialistic and just another day to spend lots of money buying gifts and decorations, but I have been enlightened by the information I have discovered.

Ultimately it’s your decision whether to celebrate Christmas or not but it would be a great idea for you to educate your family and friends about something most people don’t know about Christmas.

My main objective here is just to share with you a little something I learnt and hope to bring awareness of what we really are celebrating on Christmas.

My husband and I planned on taking our family to the mountains this Christmas and we weren’t going to buy gifts for the kids so we can educate them on some of the topics mentioned, however my husband gave in and got a little something for everyone…

So let me know what you think, will you and your family celebrate Christmas traditionally? Do you think Christmas is ok to celebrate?

Last but not least, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, enjoy your holidays and spread hugs and love to everyone around you!


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