Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Love God

Do you know of God but don't love Him? Do you just accept the idea of there is a God up in heaven but you don't truely know Him or have a relationship with Him?

If you know and believe there is a God watching down on us, why won't you accept Him into your heart? God wants nothing more than to have an intimate relationship with you and I can't stress that more. He is your friend and your father only if you allow Him to be.

Open your heart and just open up to His loving kindness so He can fill you with more joy than you can even think of, He is all you need and all you want. He can offer you so much more than this world can, items in this world don't stand a chance in matching up what He has in store for you in heaven.

He is LOVE, how much more can He show He loves you than to die for you? He laid His son down for you.

Let Him love you and love people through you.

Have you met anyone who know of God but does not love or accept Him?

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