Thursday, June 7, 2012

Introduction to my Christian Pregnancy Journey series


It's been a while since a post was written, I apologize, a lot has happened during this period including the great news that I am pregnant with my second! So I figured this would be a great opportunity  to start a  Christian Pregnancy Series!


Finding out I was pregnant again made me nervous, I honestly didn't know how to deal with the news and was more shocked with the fact I was pregnant so soon (little over a year). I knew I wanted a completely different pregnancy and birth for this baby. I wanted an all natural, no drugs, comfortable and safe home birth, so we hired a midwife. As much as we tried to find a Christian midwife, mine is not a Christian but felt she was a good fit for us plus financially, she was more affordable. She is very health oriented, everything has a fix with herbs or a good diet, which made my husband a happy man.

During my pregnancy, which currently I am at 23 weeks, I felt the morning sickness everyone talked about which I did not experience with my first (that was definitely a change of pace) I actually thought I was physically sick until I took a test at home and realized "Hey, no wonder I was feeling sick!".

I was also constantly thinking about the birth. For my first, I opted for an epidural to help me rest as I went into labor at 3am and was so tired, not to mention the hospital made it so readily available I gave in when I should've tried harder to go without. I also had a painful IV in my hand and monitors on my belly that made it impossible to move into different positions. Because I took the epidural, it supposedly caused my baby to have jaundice and (this is just between you and I...) my husband made me feel so horrible that I had failed terribly. They had turned off the epidural once I was fully dilated so I could feel the urge to push and gave birth to my first son Immanuel.

Thinking back at the whole process, I realized the reason why I "failed" was because I wasn't fully walking in the word and as a result, my faith was not as strong as my faith is now and could not make the right decisions and put everything in God's hands.

This pregnancy I am a growing Christian and have the faith to trust in the Lord to help me through and am going to have this baby God's way. 

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