Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Birth - God's way

The birth... What an amazing experience doing it God's way. I uploaded a video of my birth on my channel: Wifelifeasachristian for those who are interested in watching :)

On "THE" day I truly felt God holding me and giving me a sense of calmness and peace as I went into labor. My water broke in the morning at around 8 am and contractions started to kick in. My husband, mother in law, daughter, son and I went for a walk around the block a few times to help contractions progress.

I had timed them as we walked and they seemed to get more and more intense and closer together rather quickly. I was still talking and enjoying the laboring process (I know it sounds weird but I really did enjoy it!).

After a few times around our community we went back in the house and called my midwife Kathya to let her know how I was feeling, she had told us this period can take a few hours as I was still talking in between my contractions and didn't sound like I was progressing as fast as I thought.

I took her word and just kept doing what I was doing, relaxing and letting each contraction pass. I felt an ease using the birth ball to sway back and forth or just to lean on as my family was watching, awaiting and husband was comforting me whenever he could as he timed each contraction for me. I remember somewhere in between the contractions my midwife called her Assistant to come over because she lived closer to me.

My midwife's Assistant Margo arrived at about 11 am. She monitored me and watched me as my contractions were so close apart yet I was still talking in between them. I could tell she wasn't sure herself whether I was really progressing that fast or something else because I was smiling, joking and one time telling my husband "I'm tired.." (lol). Margo decided I should be checked to see how dilated I was.

We went up to our bedroom where my tub was set up and got checked, I was 6 cm. So, Margo told me I could get into the tub if I wanted to and called my midwife. I got into the tub with whatever sports bra I had on and honestly didn't care what I had on at that point, I just wanted to get into my warm tub.

After getting in I immediately felt relaxed. Margo told us I might have to go onto the toilet as being too relaxed in the water can slow down the progression and the position when sitting on the toilet can really help descend the baby. But she was wrong. About 20 minutes or less later I began to really feel the need to push, I positioned myself subconsciously (my body just knew) and started pushing myself. My mother in law and Margo asked if I was pushing, I nodded.  I felt a huge descent of the baby and grabbed Margo's hand.

Margo wanted to get ready for the birth but I couldn't let her hand go but she managed to switch out her hand for my husband's hand to hold. She got ready and told me I could give her a push and so I did. In a total of two pushes baby Israel was born at 11.59am!

Later my midwife Kathya arrived and while she settled to help Margo she commented "from 6 (cm) to having a baby in less than an hour!". Yes it was that fast! If it wasn't for the Father being there, I doubt the labor would've been so quick, fast enough for me to handle. He was able to make the labor process so fast and I am so grateful for His presence.

Many many thank yous to my loving husband Travon who was there throughout the pregnancy and birth, such a loving support he was for my pregnancy making sure I was taking all the vitamins I needed and so much more! I thank the Lord for providing me with the birth team to help with the birth, you can check out my midwife's website at www.midwifelasvegas.com. Most of all I thank my wonderful family (mother in law, daughter, son, brother in law and brother). I hope this brings God as much glory as He deserves. I know without Him I could not have done it this way. I can now say I did it! Birth - God's way.


  1. Greeting from across the waters in the UK!

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your post and your video documenting you giving you giving birth. I am pregnant with my first child and I felt the lord lead me this morning in my devotion time to just find out more about pregnancy from a Christian women's perspective, and much to my dismay there isn't a lot of things online, so to find what you had written was very encouraging. There is so many things I am having to acquaint myself with, and the brithplan is something I know little to nothing about, so this blog has been very helpful! Knowing that God can be the centre of one's pregnancy is awesome, so I will definitely check out the book as well.

    Thanks and God bless...

    1. Hi Ruth and thank you so much for visiting! I can't tell you how much you have made my day! Just knowing that this has been encouraging even to just 1 person is awesome. I hope you are well in your pregnancy and have the birth you have always wished for and I will be praying for you and will keep you in my heart. Remember that He is always with you, even if you are scared or nervous or anxious when the time comes. I suggest you make a soundtrack of songs that can uplift you, maybe even write verses down and keep them near you or even post them on your wall to remind you in the hardest times. Let me know what happens! I can't wait to hear from you again :)
      Rosalind Culliver - Writer of Wife Life as a Christian


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