Monday, December 3, 2012

A little homesick for food

Some of you may already know I'm a huge foodie. I love to eat food, make food, watch food (on Youtube or Food Network), look at food, and again.. EAT FOOD. Sometimes I wonder if God gave me this passion because He wants me to do something in life with it? Only God knows and He will make it happen if it's in His will. But today I just wanted to share with you some childhood memories of my family with food.

I'm not sure how my passion for food grew this big, perhaps I was raised in a family that loves good food and as we traveled we lived alongside many different types of cuisines. My "Gong Gong" (grandpa) on my mom's side cooked authentic Cantonese food. I remember as he grew older he had to give whoever cooking being my mom or aunty or his maid the exact instructions to make dishes as he wasn't able to cook himself. If the food was not up to his taste standards, he would not eat it. Yes, he was rather picky and had the power to be picky in his house. So as a result, my mom and aunty knows how to make Chinese food.

My "Ah Ma" (grandma) on my dad's side made authentic Nonya Malaysian food. I remember a childhood memory looking into the kitchen, seeing my Ah Ma and my mom, including whoever she had over for dinner (just the ladies) gather around a table with their beautiful Sarongs (Malaysian skirts for both men and women) dangling down to the floor as they sit and pick the ends off long green beans, preparing it for dinner that night. My dad would be alongside my Ah Ma watching her as she cooks and thus, my dad cooked Nonya food.

I spent most of my young years in Singapore, because South East Asian countries were so close we would travel to Malaysia very often. We would have dishes like Rendang beef (thicker curry-like dish), Chow Kuay Teow (friend noodles) and Rojak (a tofu, squid and sweet sauce salad) and so much more. I grew up in Thailand for 7 years too so Thai food will always be one of my favourites. Neither of my parents know how to cook Thai food but love to eat it! So now when I do get the chance we go to a local Thai restaurant in Vegas called Komos to bring back tasty memories of my childhood. I also lived in Taiwan for several years and I miss Taiwanese food as well, from roadside spring onion pancakes to beef noodle soups to pork and vegetable dumplings. Chinese food is so simple and yet so heart warming.

I wish I paid more attention to my parents cooking when I was younger, I get so homesick for Cantonese food and Malaysian food sometimes. I can only look for recipes online to try and mimic the taste but it will never be the same. Enough said about food, it's making me homesick for home cooking, I can just smell the aromas in my head! May I just end with pictures of our rather easy yet scrumptious cucumber sandwich my son and I had for lunch today? :)

What are some of your favourite foods or childhood memories with your family?

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