Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guest Post on 5 Minutes for Mom!

5 Minutes for Faith

Recently I was contacted by Barbie Swihart the Managing Editor of the Faith Lifts site on 5 minutes for mom and wanted to feature my "Are You A Godly Friend?" post as a guest post on Thursday, November 9th!

When I got this news I was so happy I was in shock! I could not believe such a blessing was happening to me!

I realized God had a plan for me all along and He is using me to exalt His name. We are made to praise Him, to worship Him and to love Him with all our heart, our soul and our strength.

I want to thank Barbie for allowing me to post on 5 minutes for faith, and to Lolli Franklin the Managing Editor over at 5 minutes for mom for acknowledging my effort to write a guest post on their site. I am so honored and words cannot describe how thrilled I am. I am overwhelmed by the excitement and joy and can't wait to write more.

Please go visit 5 minutes for mom and continue to support them through out their ministries especially their Faith Lifts site 5 minutes for faith.

Thank you so much!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Halloween?

 Does anyone know how Trick or Treating began? Some of you might know and some won't but here is a little bit of history for those who are interested.

Many present-day Halloween customs are directly descended from the Celtic peoples of the British Isles and France from 200 B.C. to 200 A.D.

October 31st, a joint feast honoring Sanheim and the Sun God, was the most important religious event of the Celtic year.

The Druid priests believed that sins of the evildead could be expiated through gifts and sacrifices to Sanheim and would continue as animals or humans and so many sacrifices of animals and humans took place.

Tables of food were prepared for the spirits, in hopes that they would be pleased and help with the magical spells and curses invoked during the feast.
Afterwards, villagers wearing masks and costumes led the ghosts away from town.

Researcher Richard Cavendish writes, "The singers and dancers went from house to house in blood-curdling masks and costumes which
may have been meant to protect them against evil and which were probably also tangible representations of what lurked unseen in the night.
"It is these masks and disguises which have descended to children, who visit the neighbors for
the offerings which once belonged to the dead and play small malicious tricks on those who
refuse them".

We as christian families should rethink and be careful of what we bring into our children's lives, whether it be celebrating halloween going trick or treating as it still counts as participating in a Celtic ritual in my opinion. We don't have to do what everyone else does just to fit in, there are plenty of different ideas we can have fun with!

This halloween, our kids aren't going trick or treating however our church is hosting a Harvest Festival where we have jump houses, candy, rides and lots more and the kids will still be able to dress up. Instead of dressing up as skeletons, dead zombies or anything worshiping the dead, another idea which I got from listening to a sermon on the radio the other day would be to have them dress up as a biblical character! I had the idea of dressing up as Mary and my 10 month old baby as baby Jesus :)

What will you be doing on your halloween? What do you think should be done on Halloween?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Godly friendships

Are you a Godly friend? What are Godly friendships?

I grew up having many “friends”, but I’ve grown to realize that they are not necessarily GODLY friends.  There are 3 people that I call my “best friends”, and even though they aren’t all Christians, I can say that they are my truest friends. We’ve been friends since we were in junior high and still talk to this very day. Gradually, as I went to university and started working, I became shy and it was hard to make new friends.  I didn’t have people around me that I could call upon for help.  But God had a plan for me.  He wanted me to learn to have Godly friendships.  I am so thankful that He led me to the Calvary Chapel Women’s Retreat in Murrietta Hot Springs earlier this year.
During the retreat I met these wonderful young ladies who helped open my heart to more of God.  We talked about getting together after the retreat ended and I can honestly say that I had my doubts.  I remember when I was in school my “friends” and I talked about hanging out but it never happened.  And then I ended up hurt because that was not what friends do.  So it was only natural for me to have these negative thoughts about my new “friends”.  But this time I was proven so very wrong.  My new friends initiated a get together the following week!  I was so thrilled and excited and told my husband, “They really are different!”.
As someone who is new in their walk with Christ, I learned a few valuable lessons on Godly Friendships at the retreat:
A Godly friend cries when you cry, they support you when you are weak, they fellowship with you, they lend a hand whenever you need that extra help and they draw you closer to Jesus.
Most importantly, they remind you of how important it is to have God in your life and to turn to Him first before others. They constantly share with you the good things God has done in their own lives and encourage you to seek Him and to rely on Him.

Are you a Godly Friend? What qualities do you look for in a Godly friend?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trust in Him

I know a lot of you have heard about putting your trust in Him, but what does it mean exactly? How do you put your trust in Him "practically"? Today I am here to tell you a little story about me and putting my trust in God and what the outcome of it was.

I'm new to America, I don't know my way around the streets very well and I always thought I had a great sense of direction but have been proven wrong too many times trying to find my way across the grid of Las Vegas.

Several nights ago I had dropped my husband off to school and grocery shopping was on my To Do list while I wait for him to get off. I missed an exit I meant to take and ended up on a street I didn't even know existed. I started to circle around trying to find a building or a landmark I was familiar with and nothing was registering in my head. I was lost, again.

I decided to pray while I was stopped by the traffic lights and had asked Him to help me get "un-lost" and guide me, show me which road to take to get to where I had to go. I completely let go and followed His directions. I started driving, not knowing where I would end up and stop light after stop light, I had a strong feeling of making certain turns and eventually, I made my way to a crossroads and saw a familiar landmark, Southpoint and knew exactly where I was.

Finally I reached my destination after following the streets I'd knew and I realised He really helped the little ol' lost me. I put my faith in Him and trusted that he was going to lead me the right way and look, He guided me! 

I hope this message encouraged some to trust in Him and rely on Him with each and every step you take in your life whether it be a big decision or a small incident of getting a little lost like me. 


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Topics to come

I can't wait to start posting more and reaching out to whoever I can with the message He has given me. One of the first topics I would like to write on is my experience in a Women's Retreat by Calvary Chapel at Murrietta Hot Springs California. I gained friendships, new knowledge and He has touched my heart. I now know how to live The Abundant Life.

I also would like to share with you what we go through at church. My family goes to Calvary Chapel Green Valley and have the privilege of having Paster John Knapp as our pastor. He goes through the bible verse by verse and it helps me understand the bible and the word so much better.

We are going through the book of Exodus and Revelation and there is so much information to share.

I hope to see you all very soon!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Hi and welcome to my first blog ever! I've been trying to find a name that would reflect what I want to write about for a long time and I think I have found it!

My name is Rosalind. I am a young wife, a mom of 2 and a growing christian woman and I’m here to tell you  about my walk with Christ.
Being a christian wife and mom is harder than it seems. Especially when you're building a new relationship with Christ. It’s not just going to church and following the commandments, it is way more than that. I've learnt a lot and want to continue to build a much stronger and deeper relationship with Him and be the best christian wife and mom I can be.

I encourage you to join me as I discover new ideas, thoughts and lessons throughout my walk with Him!